Mysteries of the Pineal Gland….Unlocked

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Mysteries of the Pineal Gland….Unlocked

The POWER of the Pineal Gland ~ Was Acknowledged and Acclaimed by the Egyptians…and Believed to Be “The Seat of the Soul”

There are some extrordinary reasons for this….

This amazing, tiny gland regulates Endocrine function, and according to research it secretes Seratonin, Melatonin & Dimethyltryptamine. Seratonin is the chemical that causes you to feel happiness, excitement, and elation. Melatonin causes you to experience calmness, serenity, and peace. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is the proverbial “trip”–or should I say ‘tryp’–and is your body’s naturally occurring psychedelic drug. Because of this production of chemicals, your Pineal Gland is the source of your imagination, creation, and sedation.

Tunnel-of-light-1865832DMT has been found in studies  to be secreted in it’s highest levels during birth, dreams, and when we die.  According to the Egyptians and Ancient Shamanism, the Pineal Gland is the connection between your soul and the ‘afterlife.’  Shaman in the Amazon creat a DMT drink called Ayahuasca and have used this mixture for thousands of years to align their human self to ‘the other side,’ finding spiritual answers from the beyond.  Many who’ve activated their Pineal Gland this way have come back evolved from:  drug addiction, alcoholism, abusive tendencies and disease. According to DMT studies done by Dr. Rick Strassman,  test subjects injected with pharmaceutical grade DMT not only made contact with ‘the other side,’ they saw some pretty incredible things:  a tunnel of white light,  Utopic worlds, Heaven and Angels.  Others who have had ‘near death’ experiences claimed to have seen lost loved ones, prophecies of future events, Jesus, and spoke to God….”A man whose heart stopped beating for hours claims he witnessed angels and spoke to God before miraculously waking up in hospital and making a full recovery. (

human soulFor those questioning “the Soul,” I have only this to offer: we are now able to measure thoughts with Hertz. Your brain functioning below 6.66 Hertz is clinically “Depressed,” 7 Hertz is considered “normal,” and anything above 11 Hertz is “anxious.” Your favorite radio station’s out-put of Energy is also measured in Hertz. Is 100.7 F.M. your favorite station? Then this channel functions at 100.7 (M)Hertz of Frequency Modulation(F.M). That is how your radio knows to tune-in to that particular channel.

  • Smash a radio and the station continues to exists ~ as do you if your brain ceases to function.

Your brain is a receiver of Your Soul’s Energy.  The same Energy coursing through the entire Universe!  On with the show….


Depression_1Your eye’s visions are reflected through, around or off of the Pineal Gland via your optic nerves.  This is how your body knows to stay awake or sleep; when the sun comes up it sends signals to the Pinea Gland to “wake up–it’s morning!”  Then your Pineal Gland starts kicking out Serotonin so you can jump-start your day with a skip and hop!  This is why people who live in the dark, or work at night, may seem ‘low’ or ‘depressed.’  Because without enough organic sunlight we’re not getting the same output of Serotonin — our happy chemical.

The Egyptians revered this gland, along with all others.  And there is a striking similarity between the “Eye of Horus” and our Limbic System–which hosts a great deal of glandular activity.  Could all of this ancient information be how our eyes came to be referred to as “the window to your soul”?

human brain pineal Eye of HorusYour Pineal Gland has tiny crystals inside giving it magnetic resonance — making it “PiezoElectric” — the type of charge that accumulates in certain materials like: ceramics & bone(why ‘bone China’ was made(?)….

Fine Bone China

Fine Bone China

DNA, and crystals–like the ones in your Pineal Gland.  Documentaries like ‘The Secret’ declare your thoughts to be magnetic….this is why.  Because our bodies are created to be; but the Pineal Gland’s crystals are powerful ~ incredibly Powerful!  It’s how birds know to fly from North to South during winter, and how the blind navigate there way through the world without their eyesight.  With or without vision–you have vision!  Your Pineal Gland is a great deal of your instincts.   Also, your Pineal Gland gestationally is formed by around the 49th day–as are your sexual organs.  What an incredible coincidence that the Tibetan “Book of the Dead” states it takes 49 days for a soul to reincarnate.  According to the National Institute of Health “The pineal gland constitutes a major neuroendocrine organ in the brain.”

Amazing how something that weighs little more than 0.1 grams has such a powerful affect on our lives.

If you’re wondering why your Pineal Gland doesn’t work as well as a blind person, if you’re too critical or anxious, or the quick-to-anger type ‘A’ personality type, it’s quite probably because your Pineal Gland isn’t functioning properly.  Here’s why:

Fluoride Salts used in Mexico

Fluoride Salts used in Mexico

Fluoride and other chemicals attack the Pineal Gland, toxifying it. Heavy Metals like Lead, Mercury and Aluminum–do the same. All are in our air, water, food, and homes. Bioaccumulation prevents your body from expelling them…so they are constantly building up in your tissues, bones & muscles as long as you’re exposed to them.

  • Bathing counts–most do not realize how highly absorbent their skin is.
  • Brushing your teeth absorbs toxins via the gums & membranes
  • Washing your hair absorbs chemicals through your scalp
  • Chemicals from the water drying onto clothes and dishes can be absorbed by the human body through the skin, and bioaccumulate.

Then Calcium–in far too much abundance without the necessary Magnesium to flush it out–binds toxins completely. Calcium is a mineral and all minerals are metal.  As it accumulates in your body(Calcification) it performs similarly as other unhealthy accumulation of metal accept Calcium is incredibly conductive.  Excessive conductivity can produce excess electrical energy raising Hertz aka Manic Anxiety!

calcium metal bottle

What Pure Calcium Really Looks Like

Ingesting Calcium BiCarbonate(the type in fruits/vege’s) is a good thing; Calcium Carbonates(Fluoride, Nitrates, etc) are not.  Because of Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) the soil produce is grown in doesn’t have enough Magnesium–the precious miracle metal that can flush these calcified toxins out.  These calcified, bound-up invaders are never expelled from your body and can become lodged and ‘harden.’  This unhealthy calcification attaches to your toxified pineal gland–crippling it. It stops producing adequate amounts of Melatonin, so you cannot sleep. Without sleep, your sanity is at serious risk. Your circadian rhythm(your body’s natural cycles) is then disrupted–as is your nervous system and moods.  One major nerve I call your body’s Ion Giant, is your electrical ‘super-highway’ — and it’s highly affected by bad nutrition….

Your Vagus Nerve begins in the Limbic system, and is the main bundle of wiring that keeps your body’s major functions…functioning.  From eyesight to anus, the Vagus Nerve is in charge of it all!

q-tipThe Vagus Nerve works in unison with your Limbic System and glandular activity keeping your engine(and emotions) running smoothly.  The Vagus ceases to function properly without appropriate endocrine expenditure from the Pineal Gland. The Vagus Nerve connects your Emotions/Limbic System to your:  ears/mouth/throat/lungs/heart/stomach/intestines/anus/sexual organs. It is the reason when you clean your ears with a Q-tip, you can feel it in your throat. It’s also why when your heart goes “thump”–so does your stomach, and it’s the reason the human orgasm can be so emotionally powerful.  All your major organs and glands are connected, and all are negatively affected via the Vagus Nerve without proper chemicals from your Pineal Gland.

Without “The Seat of the Soul” working properly, stress will take on a whole new meaning seting off a windfall of events:

Stress Man

  • A “Nervous Stomach”
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Indigestion/Reflux
  • “Anxiety”
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Inability to Control Emotions
  • Racing Thoughts
  • “Depression”
  • Hopelessness
  • Inability to Manage Life Problems

ProzacTaking street drugs or self-medicating with alcohol won’t solve this problem. Neither will taking neuron-melting psychotropic meds like Prozac, Rapiflux & Sarafem.  They will not unblock your calcified Pineal–if anything, they will make things far worse.  If this gland is only putting out say….30% of your appropriate Seratonin & Melatonin levels, anti-anxiety/anti-depressents could cause those low levels to crash because Sodium Fluoride(Fluoxetine) is the main active ingredient in the above drugs. Fluoride is what caused the problems in your Pineal Gland in the first place.  If you further block already low levels of Serotonin, you could end up with “Seratonin Syndrome”–a dangerous disorder that could trigger suicide.

Young or old — toxicity, neurotoxicity, and bioaccumulation — will destroy your Pineal Gland’s ability to function properly, and one oppositionally defiant, miserable human will be created.

As you can see—>A healthy Pineal Gland is of the utmost importance to your soul, your sanity, and your good health. 

successful-business-woman 400

 (written) copyright CGifford.EFHerne2012


The Pineal Gland & Accelerated Healing:

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“The Pyramid Code – EP4 – The Empowered Human”  — What The Ancients in Egypt really knew about the human brain and glandular system including the Pineal Gland.

Dr. Rick Strassman’s Research and links on The Pineal Gland:

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Information about your Pineal Gland and how it’s Magnetic:

“ANGIOPRIM — Calcium is a mineral and all minerals are metals.
So besides water you are mostly metal!”  —

“DMT – The Spirit Molecule” —  —  Your Pineal Gland Produces Serotonin, Melatonin & Dimethyltryptamine.  Learn more in this video!!!

“Viva the Vagus” —  —  Info on how far-reaching your Vagus Nerve really is(difficult to find intell).

The Autonomic Nervous System and Visceral Reflexes”,%20use%20this.pdf  —  here the Vagus Nerve (or ‘Sympathetic Nervous System’) is described to reach from your Limbic System in the brain, and controls ejaculation/orgasm.(yes, I said that)

“Activating & Healing the Pineal Gland: Seat of Consciousness” —

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PiezoElectricity explained:

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“Dangers of Fluoride Prescription Drugs” from Livestrong  —

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***Googling any variation of “Prozac, Rapiflux & Sarafem fluoride NIH” Will re-rout you into web-circles—–certain someone’s DON’T want you to know the DANGERS of Fluoride and will disable your searches if you persist!!!!!(no, I’m not kidding)

What’s left of ‘s site’s water-quality testing results!!  Certain someone’s have disabled their ability to let us know what’s in our water.  Here’s the link to Googling “neurotoxicity”  —…215298.226816.11.227419.…1c.6GZffpz1kj4&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&fp=e2935764a58f6795&biw=1600&bih=777


About EFHerne

EFHerne graduated with Honors from The New England Institute of Art(formerly Northeast College of Communications/Northeast Broadcasting)--and has worked with numerous cable television stations producing talk shows, music videos, variety programming and commercials. EFHerne has also had the honor of working with NASA & The Astronaut Program. (Astronaut Charlie Precourt) Fifteen years ago EFHerne's son was diagnosed with Autism. He was doing well, until 3 years ago when for no apparent reason--his symptoms accelerated. In the struggle to find more treatments for him, EFHerne's health began to plummet. This spurned a 'race for the cure'--for both of them. Specialized study in Neurology, Autism, Holistics, Ancient Cures, Bio-Agriculture & Organics--began. After following all the Protocols in EFHerne's book "The Human Brain's POTENTial....Unlocked"-- they are both almost completely healed from their former diagnoses. Her son is now "creating" -- something Doctors and Autism claimed he would never do. Also an Artisan, EFHerne's artwork is on display at The Artisan's Atelier in Punta Gorda, FL. With the cures and knowledge gained, she is mentoring & motivating people privately and online--giving lectures and providing motivational workshops in Holistic Healing, Neurology(for not-so-smarties), and Organics.
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    Thanks for the interesting and informative article. I was wondering if the reason that a Qtip in the ear ‘feels so good’ for some of us is that it might be stimulating the pineal gland or vagus nerve in some way. I’ve always enjoyed the way it feels and thought it might correlate to it and the 3rd chakra in some way.Hope you dont think that sounds too weird.

    • EFHerne says:

      lol…the Vagus Nerve actually reaches from the Limbic System, all the way to the anus….butt we’ll keep that between us–

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        lmao, also, to keep “between” us, love, respect, hope, creativity and what is “right”..thanks i needed this..

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  37. Jenny says:

    Any advice for someone who had their pineal gland removed due to a tumor? This was a great article! I sometines suffer from severe anxiety at night as I’m trying to fall asleep. I’m battling with myself as to whether or not I should start taking anti anxiety meds. I currently take Melatonin nightly, but anxiety can still creep in sometimes 😦

    • EFHerne says:

      A great deal of Melatonin is supplied by your digestive system. So if you’re not sleeping well it’s probably because your digestive track is toxic. I highly recommend getting on an organic raw diet, and removing all yeast producing foods (like sugar, carbs, meats) that coat your stomach and intestines with yeast blocking proper Melatonin production. Melatonin also accelerates healing so it’s an integral part of your immune system. Sleep disorders is the first symptom of serious illness to come if you don’t keep your digestive track healthy. Next to a bad diet, smoking is the biggest culprit that attacks your stomachs abilities–blocking your immune system from doing it’s job like producing Melatonin. So if you have a bad diet AND smoke, your body/digestion will produce yeast to kill the parasites/bacteria thriving from our bad habits (see article “The Source of ALL Disease”). Unfortunately Candida Albicans or yeast parasites thrive our heavy yeast production. Take better care of your health, diet and digestion…and your immune system (and Melatonin production) will love you for it!

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  40. wonderful piece – thank yo very much – I have recently unlocked a way to stimulate the pineal gland via the vagus nerve (reverse engineered you could say) during my own journey through ill health and would love to share with you.The thing is, i need to talk face to face as it is too subtle for me to explain in writing and i like to be able to answer questions and share little things/techniques that can help find what i have found. You may already have found it but i can find no mention of it anywhere in my 3 years of research.

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