How AIDS Starts….and STOPS

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How AIDS Starts….and STOPS

fasciolopsis-buski 1000

The Fasciolopsis Buski Parasite

~ HIV, AIDS and All disease IS Linked back to Parasites ~

When I discovered “All infectious agents in humans start with parasites” (MedScape), I couldn’t let sleeping dogs(or their parasites) lie.  So I dug deeper and found out that diseases like Diabetes, Schizophrenia, Heart Disease, Obesity, OCD, Addictions, even Cancer could all be linked to parasites, and I was dumbfounded.  Then I found out these parasites literally urinate and defecate (release acidic enzymes & proteins as ‘waste’) inside us propelling and creating disease.  More importantly, I discovered plagues and disease can be avoided or cured completely by ridding the body of these vermin and their toxins with specific targeted vitamins, minerals to pull disease from the body, and nutrition to complete this cycle. What you’re about to read will really blow your mind…

Dr. Jacques Francis Albert Pierre Miller

When learning about the AIDS virus I discovered Dr. Jacques Francis Albert Pierre Miller — quietly famous for discovering in 1961 the magnitude and function of the Thymus Gland, and the T-Cells and B-Cells it produces.  Unfortunately he was quickly having his work confiscated and coveted by certain bodies within our government both public and private.  And I wondered “why were his discoveries so important?”

While many Doctors were claiming the Thymus Gland was fairly useless to mammals after a certain age, Dr. Miller strongly proved them wrong when he took it upon himself to remove this gland from laboratory rodents. What he discovered and published shocked the medical world.

From PDF article by William K. Funkhouser, MD, PhD:

“….70% of the mice in the neonatally thymectomized group developed a syndrome characterized by progressive wasting, lethargy, ruffled fur, hunched posture, diarrhea, and death within 1-3 weeks…. He noted that this wasting syndrome (HIV/AIDS) was less common if the neonatally thymectomized mice were raised in cleaner conditions.”  That’s when I realized he’d discovered a parasite:  because parasites and their disease thrive in dirty, acidic environments.  Unfortunately at the time, he had no idea a ‘parasite’ was the culprit, but still his discoveries are crucial to the understanding of the disease.

Thymus Gland

From PubMed on Dr. Jacques Miller’s Research:  “Then it became evident that the thymus played a key role in the body’s defense against infection. Since that time, researchers have continued to examine the role of the thymus from fetal life through adulthood.”

Animals without a thymus at birth were incapable of rejecting and resisting many types of infections.  And no different than AIDS victims–suffering with a similar ‘wasting syndrome.’  Dr. Miller’s work discovered lymph cells produced in the Thymus Gland can be separated into two groups:  T cells and B cells. Both must work together in unison to allow normal antibody production. Then these cells are processed via the Appendix, but unfortunately many have this crucial gland removed as most doctors have been taught it is “useless” as well.  Without a Thymus Gland and it’s Appendix processor, proper immune function cannot activate.  If the Thymus becomes atrophied, sickly or is removed, then T-Cell/B-Cell production will be inhibited–and that human will get sick with wasting syndromes.  Our Thymus Gland lymphocytes give us the ability to fight off diseases like Cancer, AIDS, organ transplant rejection, autoimmune dysfunction, etc.  

Before Dr. Miller’s experiments, Doctors outright refused to research or acknowledge any importance of the Thymus Gland in adults; accepting publicly the ‘useless’ factor of the gland after adolescence instead.  Remember, this all occurred in 1961. Here’s where it gets interesting….

T-Cell killing Cancer Cell

By 1963, once the U.S. Government heard of Dr. Miller’s discoveries, they immediately recruited him to work at the National Institute of Health. For years he expanded and proved his experiments in rats and mice over and over. But his research with them is not public, only derivative articles published recently on Jacques are available.  And although others were stealing his research and expounding on it — winning Nobel Prizes with it — Dr. Miller himself would never receive the Nobel for all his labors and contributions.  Dr. Miller did perform his experiment on mature rats with similar findings, but I’ve been unable to find this work online or publicly. As stated on PubMed, there would be no reason to acknowledge or study the importance of the human thymus in adults….unless this was the case. But alas, I have been unable to locate any of the doctor’s U.S. work, or anything from his original paper “Immunological Function of the Thymus 1961.”  It seems lost forever.

A shocking coincidence occurred within a  short time of Dr. Miller’s discovery of T-Cells and the Thymus Gland: 

  • 6 years after Dr. Miller’s Immune System break-through the first case of AIDS appeared.  

From a New York Times article 1987: “BOY’S 1969 Death Suggests AIDS Invades U.S. Several Times” By GINA KOLATA Published: October 28, 1987:

Aids Patient

Aids Patient

“New evidence that a St. Louis teenager died of AIDS in 1969 suggests that the AIDS virus may have been introduced into the United States several times before touching off the current epidemic, according to experts in disease transmission….Dr. Garry said he had done Western blot tests on Robert R.’s serum. The procedure is a highly precise test for AIDS virus antibodies. Dr. Garry has also completed tests for the P24 antigen, a virus protein that gives further evidence of infection. Both tests were positive for the HIV virus, which causes AIDS. ”  Now, according to the National Institute of Health, approximately 34 million people in the world have AIDS.  Worse, “about 21% of those infected with HIV in the United States are unaware of their infection.” (

Then years later, along comes Dr. Hulda Clark and her parasite theory regarding AIDS ~ From a website authored by Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.:

Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark

“Dr. Clark’s theory is that the HIV virus and AIDS is caused by a single parasite. This parasite is a human intestinal fluke — The Fasciolopsis-buskii.(pictured above) In Dr. Clark’s research, she has identified this parasite in nearly everyone who has HIV and AIDS. Dr. Clark has tested these people for both the parasite and for HIV — Dr. Clark then will put these people on a program of specific and particular herbs in a very fresh form, for approximately 7 days. These herbs are specific to kill this parasite and its eggs.”  This theory was no different from Dr. Theobald Smith’s proven research that bacterial & viral infection could almost always be traced back to parasites.

The Manual 1911 pg 245 CROP RED HL CU

(from Manual for the International List of Causes of Death 1939 Edition — U.S. Printing)

As it states “All ‘germ disease’ are parasitic diseases, but the expression is usually understood to include those caused by a higher fungi…”  Simply, when a virus or bacteria (both ‘parasites’) attach to a fungus, they create a ‘micotoxin’ which causes lethal diseases like Cancer and AIDS.  And although she labored for years like Dr. Miller,  in their attempt to reveal the truth, they were publicly disregarded, “discredited,” or dismissed.  

Now many critics of Dr. Clark, such as Dr. Stephen Barret of “quackwatch” fame, claimed that the Fasciolopsis-buskii parasite couldn’t possibly infect people in this country because it’s an “Asian” parasite.  So was the parasite that started SARS, but the SARS parasite made it’s way here with no problem.  As did the Fasciolopsis-buskii.  Kimchi cured SARS disease — an Asian dish loaded with anti-parasitic foods like: Vinegar, Cabbage, Garlic, Hot Peppers, Onion, and Ginger.  And there are cures for AIDS as well.(below)

“Dr.” Stephen Barrett

Regarding this doctor (pictured right) dismissing innovative discoveries on this disease:  According to  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen…”Stephen Barrett has been Officially Declared by the US Court System, in a PUBLISHED Appeals Court Decision (NCAHF v King Bio), to be ‘Biased, and unworthy of credibility’….for Barrett could NOT pass the examinations necessary to become Board Certified.  Which, is no doubt why Barrett was, throughout his career, relegated to lower level part time positions. “–so when researching any information about human health and breakthrough theories, know who you’re researching, and more careful when regarding those ‘quacking’ about quacks.

Doing any investigating on Dr. Clark at all will reveal her invention nicknamed “the zapper.”   Regarding this method, please understand this:  all Doctors are aware that our bodies are water & calcium(a metal).  With that in mind,  it’s not unreasonable for Dr. Clark to believe using electro-magnetic energy to manipulate cells could work.  Right now our Government is using their own ‘zapper’ to treat Autism; but they’ve given it a much longer, more professional name:  Trans Craniel Magnetic Stimulation.  Zapping people in mental institutions is also still being done.  So this disdain for Hulda Clark’s zapper isn’t any zanier than the American Medical Society’s answers to mental disease and disorder:  electro-shock therapy.  

Dr. Linus Pauling

Dr. Linus Pauling

Another often quacked-about…is nutritional therapy, Intravenous Vitamin C therapy, and Linus Pauling.  His studies proving that Vitamin C therapy worked to cure many diseases, the United States Government and others have worked just as hard proving it doesn’t….”In 1976 an article co-authored by Linus Pauling described that 100 terminal cancer patients treated with intravenous vitamin C….We don’t have consistent information either regarding what is the clinical dose necessary to yield therapeutic plasma levels. In view of this lack of data after trials which have included at least 1,591 patients over 33 years, we have to conclude that we still do not know whether Vitamin C has any clinically significant antitumor activity…Finally, we don’t know what the recommended dose of Vitamin C is, if there is indeed such a dose, that can produce an anti-tumor response.” (  This study was published by the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine.  Remember, always research who is doing the discrediting!  So I dug deeper….

  • On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States with a landing at Guánica.
  • On March 12, 1903, a U.S. Government law was passed creating the University of Puerto Rico.  
  • In 1908 The Morrill-Nelson Act is extended to Puerto Rico making the University a “Land Grant College” which provides federal land to establish colleges of agriculture, science and engineering.
  • In 1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads conducted a cancer experiment in Puerto Rico covertly under the Rockefeller Institute who stated in a letter un-denied by him:  “The Puerto Ricans are the dirtiest, laziest, most dangerous and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere… I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more… All physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.” 
  • 1938, the United States Government extended benefits via the Bankhead-Jones Act, which provided funding for research and the construction of more buildings.  Some of this research included illegal human experimentation (
  • In a report dated November, 1973 regarding the sterilization of Puerto Rican women ( “openly and directly about alternatives available for reducing the ranks of the Puerto Rican working class…The women of San Juan are to be handled through a “model project” controlled by the School of Public Health of the University of Puerto Rico.”
University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Logo

University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Logo

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) is the state university system of Puerto Rico and a United States Government-owned corporation of Puerto Rico.  Lesson learned:  Always remember to be very careful who’s quacking.

Luckily others didn’t listen, and thoroughly tested Vitamin C therapy in numerous studies uncontrolled by the federal government.  Published on the National Institute of Health’s website, intravenous Vitamin C therapy was found to greatly and positively affect the outcome of disease contradicting the above 1976 findings:  “In summary, our data support the hypothesis that high dose intravenous ascorbate treatments may reduce inflammation in cancer patients.” (  And in another:  “Early clinical studies showed that high-dose vitamin C, given by intravenous and oral routes, may improve symptoms and prolong life in patients with terminal cancer.” (  Intravenous Vitamin C study newspaperAnd in another unbiased study:  “Early clinical studies showed that high-dose vitamin C, given by intravenous and oral routes, may improve symptoms and prolong life in patients with terminal cancer…We found 3 well-documented cases of advanced cancers, confirmed by histopathologic review, where patients had unexpectedly long survival times after receiving high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy….Tumour pathology was verified by pathologists at the NCI who were unaware of diagnosis or treatment….In light of recent clinical pharmacokinetic findings and in vitro evidence of anti-tumour mechanisms, these case reports indicate that the role of high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy in cancer treatment should be reassessed.”  (

Please view the two videos below.  Dr. Andrew Saul has created some wonderful videos on nutrition and good health.  The first explains a case where a woman diagnosed with AIDS was encouraged by him to improve her diet, and take high doses of Vitamin C therapy.  You won’t believe the results of her following his direction:

Here’s another video explaining how Nutrition can cure diseases from HIV to mental illness I believe you’ll find very interesting:

I’m also reasonably sure Dr. Hulda Clark did not know that in the 1920’s Dr. Theobald Smith, Microbiologist and Parasitologist, discovered parasites use heavy metals like armor.  Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, etc…if you don’t remove this heavy-metal armor first you cannot get rid of the parasite.   One way to remove it is through either Intravenous Vitamin C, and h2o2 therapy. 

  • h2o2 therapy is the cousin of Vitamin C therapy
  • h2o2 is water (h2o) with an extra oxygen molecule and must be used in 3% strength
  • Only a few drops of h2o2 in a glass of Reverse Osmosis water is effective
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and h2o2 climbs inside unhealthy cells, turns into hydrogen peroxide and blasts the disease cell with oxygen from the inside out
  • Both therapies do not harm healthy cells
Infusion bottle with IV solution

Infusion bottle with IV solution

If you’ve tried nutritional therapies and they haven’t worked for you, it is probably because you’re using vitamins, foods and measures that are “genetically modified.” (GMO’s)  Any time a human genetically tampers with DNA, it damages it making it useless.  So be vigilant not to use anything inorganic, synthetic, or chemical when healing.  Only use organic.

High parasite and heavy metal levels are a major reason obesity rates are so high, why so many children have learning disabilities, why so many are getting Cancer, and why people are crippled with disease at alarming rates…..because as parasites use these heavy metals like armor.  Once the two are joined they are free and invulnerable to consume our healthy cells and flesh, lower our bodies pH and water levels, and turn our bodies and brains to acid.  This is how disease is caused, and this process will not change until you remove the anaerobic parasitic infection.  And you cannot do this until you remove the parasite’s armor.  

nanotech usgovThis is why medical research like Nanotechnology is pursued by Western Medicine are hidden from us.  Their secrets and lies keep us sick — and running to them for pharmaceuticals and ‘treatment’ that was never meant to heal us.  Westgern medicine doctors are trained now not to cure, but to “treat and mange” symptoms.  If you do not have a disease, you are useless to these types of doctors.  And why their patients will always leave their office ‘diagnosed’ with a disease, with prescription(s) in hand.

These medical secrets have a grounded global initiative to keep those ‘in-the-know’ healthy, and the rest of us sick enough to need them, pay them, and fund their “research.”  Nanotechnology and Parasitology are the same fields of study; and the advances in the two are astounding if you knew about it.  If you’d like to learn more about Nanotechnology and what the Government does with our money to fund this research go here:

The truth about parasites, disease and how to cure it has been around 100 to 150 years… and hidden as well.  I know this is difficult to believe, but think…

  • If 1 out of 4 of us will become sick with heart disease before we’re 50, why aren’t 1 out of 4 Senators dropping from it by that age?  
  • And if 1 out of EVERY 2 of us will suffer with Cancer before 50, why aren’t 1 out of every 2 Presidents dropping dead from it? 
  • Can you think of the last time a President, Prime Minister, or Pope died from Cancer before 50?
  • The last President of the U.S.A. that died from Cancer was Ulysses S. Grant  in 1885.
  • Since Dr. Theobald Smith was making his breakthrough discoveries about parasitesnot one President has died from Cancer.


Ask questions, GET answers…SEEk Truth ~ and it will set you free. 


So whether you just need to lose weight, or rid yourself of disease and disorder — including mental illness and AIDS remember:  you must remove the heavy metals FIRST.  This will be an ongoing process.  Our food, air, and drinking water have all been completely contaminated with a buffet of toxic metals:  lead, mercury, aluminum, barium, cadmium, even calcium.  The last is technically a mineral, and all minerals are metals.  With the ‘genetically modified’ (GMO) cows saturating the market, even that precious mineral has become too dangerous for us to eat.   There are various methods online to detox yourself from these metals.  One website I found remarkably helpful can be found here: —do your research, be thorough, then act!

doctor scrubbing upDr. Clark’s Parasite Theory coincides nicely with Dr. Jacques Miller’s discoveries of the ‘wasting syndrome’ in rats.  Because it was far less common if the mice were raised “in cleaner conditions” to get sick, this can only mean one thing….parasites.  Parasitic infection indeed does occur far more often in unclean, acidic conditions.  Take surgeries for example:  Ever watch a doctor ‘scrub up’ right before a procedure?  Ever watch them take a hard-bristled brush and scour under their fingernails and cuticles and wonder:  ‘why do dirty fingernailsthey have to work so hard getting off germs?’  They don’t follow this ritual just to remove bacteria, they’re doing it to dig out parasites.  On top of the scrubbing they wear latex gloves; just in case they haven’t removed every single parasite.

Everything in a surgical suite is completely sterile, free from parasites and their acids and toxins.  Even the air is filtered and controlled. (usually)  surgical_suiteA surgeon wears a mask because 75-80% of your body’s toxins are expelled every time you exhale; more than peeing, pooping, sweating and spitting combined!  The reason cleanliness is next to Godliness is not so you become an anal clean-freak, it’s because keeping clean will keep parasites at bay.  The less parasites you have, the healthier you will be–and the healthier you are the more spiritual you are.  It’s really simple math that was turned into a guilt-trip for sloppy, non-conformists.  Now you know the truth; don’t feel guilty over being dirty, know you’ll be healthier, happier and more energetic if you’re clean!

If you’ve ever worked in the health, beauty, or food industries, you are required to pass courses in Bacteriology and cleanliness. Many people are taught the Parasite Factor, but it’s never focused on too intensely because they don’t want the general public to catch on to the truth.  When most even think about a wriggling parasite in or on their bodies they cringe; as you should, they’re what’s causing disease.  



Your hands, nails and nail beds are the best ways to transmit microscopic parasites, their larva and bacteria to other people — even back to yourself!  As you cough, spit, pick, scratch, your fingers and nails are picking up hijackers along the way.  Never go to the bathroom without washing afterwards.  One drop or smear of urine or fecal matter, a slight spray of toilet water on your hands, even touching a flushing lever can harbor 100,000 to 1,000,000’s of parasites!    So you must do everything you can to make sure those lil’ bugs aren’t being passed around and wash those dirty hands thoroughly and often.  

Now it is illegal for you to handle food or people without keeping your hands very, very clean.  But it wasn’t always.  Believe it or not, Doctors fought this idea tooth and nail.  Why?  Read below, I guarantee it will shock and disgust you.  

  • It was discovered in the 1800’s by Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis
    Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis

    Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis

    that women giving birth at home had a much lower incidence of serious illness than those delivering in hospitals with maternity wards. How could this be?  Because these “professional” Physicians and ‘educated men of science’ openly claimed: “Doctors are gentlemen, and gentlemen’s hands are clean.” Dr. Semmelweis figured out that washing hands with an antiseptic before a delivery reduced Puerperal fever fatalities by 90% — yes, this is exactly how arrogant western medicine can get.

From an article entitled “Handwashing” by Christine L. Case, Ed.D., — Microbiology Professor at Skyline College:

“In the 1870’s in France, one hospital was called the House of Crime because of the alarming number of new mothers dying of childbed fever within its confines.

Dr. Louis Pasteur

Dr. Louis Pasteur

In 1879, at a seminar at the Academy of Medicine in Paris, a noted speaker stood at the podium and cast doubt on the spread of disease through the hands. An outraged member of the audience felt compelled to protest. He shouted at the speaker: ‘The thing that kills women with [childbirth fever]…is you doctors that carry deadly microbes from sick women to healthy ones.’ That man was Louis Pasteur…. a tireless advocate of hygiene, but his efforts too were initially met with skepticism. Skepticism, however, was not the only problem facing advocates of hygiene.

In 1910, Josephine Baker, M.D. started a program to teach hygiene to child care providers in New York. Thirty physicians sent a petition to the Mayor protesting that ‘it was ruining medical practice by…keeping babies well.'”

Manual for the International List of Causes of Death  Title Page 1939 Edition

Manual for the International List of Causes of Death Title Page 1939 Edition

This seems to be the grand scheme behind cures being withheld from the public ~ a combination of Physician ego, and wanton greed–and they protect their right and opinion to ‘treat’ us even at the expense of our health and safety. Make no mistake, all infectious agents in humans absolutely come from parasites. Please research/Google “The Manual of the International List of Causes of Death 1929 Edition” and read page 285. (1939 Edition no longer available) You can download an entire copy of this book for your own records from Google.  Perusing through the lists of parasites and their accompanying diseases will be very eye-opening for you.

From my own experiences in helping others maintain or gain their health back from disease and disorder–Dr. Clark’s cures were unfortunately missing important key elements to ridding the body of metallic and radioactive toxins.  But overall, her remedies coupled with Dr. Max Gerson’s studies and findings should get you back to amazing health in no time.  

Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson’s diet was ground-breaking.  What started as a diet to heal those suffering with migraine headaches ended up curing 50% of Cancer patients that sought treatment through him.  His protocals worked so well, not only was he driven from the U.S.A., someone tried to poison him with arsenic, twice.  Well, it’s 2012 and time for the blinders to come off.   

If you’ like to learn more about the Gerson Miracle diet and exactly how it’s helped others, the youtube video can be found here:

There will be far more information published in my book “The Human Brain’s POTENTial…. UNLOCKED” (coming soon), but for right now I believe you have a very good understanding about whatever disease plagues you, and how to start healing.  Your life and health will only get better when you act on information rather than criticize.  Read, learn, change–that’s what this new era is all about.  December 21, 2012 wasn’t ever supposed to be the “end” of the world; that’s what bad people wanted us to believe.  According to the Egyptians and others, it was the end of dysfunctional, self-destructive thinking and the beginning of a Golden Age.  Our Golden Age!  Good luck, blessings….be well ~



Information on Dr. Jacques Miller from Wikipedia:

Research on Dr. Hulda Clark’s Parasite Factor for AIDS and other Disease by Michael Biamonte, C.C.N.

“Handwashing” by Christine L. Case, Ed.D.,
Microbiology Professor at Skyline College:

“Puerperal fever” on Wikipedia

Articles on Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis:

Articles on Dr. Josephine Baker:

Stanford University info on the Fasciolopsis Buskii:

CDC info on Fasciolopsis Buskii:

The Truth about Dr. Hulda Clarks “Zapper”

From MedScape —Doctors are TAUGHT to believe Parasites ARE Bacteria—  “Intestinal Protozoal(Parasite) Diseases….all infectious agents in humans are parasites….Both Giardia and Microsporidia (which also shares similarities with bacteria)….resemble bacteria”

Evidence the Fasciolopsis Buskii Parasite causes massive internal damage in the book: “Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: Essentials of Diagnostic Microbiology”
By Paul G. Engelkirk, Janet Duben-Engelkirk:

A Quack to Watch-Out For that Keep us “in the dark“(like Parasites) who states “I simply ignored Hulda Clark and her theory, as I was simply too busy”–maybe he should have done real research into Dr. Theobald Smith, Paul G. Engelkirk & Janet Duben-Engelkirk’s  work:

Dr. Theobald Smith Links on Parasitology:


About EFHerne

EFHerne graduated with Honors from The New England Institute of Art(formerly Northeast College of Communications/Northeast Broadcasting)--and has worked with numerous cable television stations producing talk shows, music videos, variety programming and commercials. EFHerne has also had the honor of working with NASA & The Astronaut Program. (Astronaut Charlie Precourt) Fifteen years ago EFHerne's son was diagnosed with Autism. He was doing well, until 3 years ago when for no apparent reason--his symptoms accelerated. In the struggle to find more treatments for him, EFHerne's health began to plummet. This spurned a 'race for the cure'--for both of them. Specialized study in Neurology, Autism, Holistics, Ancient Cures, Bio-Agriculture & Organics--began. After following all the Protocols in EFHerne's book "The Human Brain's POTENTial....Unlocked"-- they are both almost completely healed from their former diagnoses. Her son is now "creating" -- something Doctors and Autism claimed he would never do. Also an Artisan, EFHerne's artwork is on display at The Artisan's Atelier in Punta Gorda, FL. With the cures and knowledge gained, she is mentoring & motivating people privately and online--giving lectures and providing motivational workshops in Holistic Healing, Neurology(for not-so-smarties), and Organics.
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