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as Powerful as the tides, a Tsunami, even the Hoover Dam ~ How?

The Hoover Dam =

Water + Flow + Magnets + Metal = HydroElectricity ~ so if

YOU are 90% Water (H2O) that means You are 2 parts Hydrogen or 2 parts THE SUN & 1 part OXYGEN



OXYGEN = HEALING (like a Hyperbaric Chamber)

BONES = Calcium ~ Calcium is a METAL



Blood-FlowBLOOD = Iron, Zinc & Magnesium ~ ALL POWERFUL ORGANIC METALS


so that means the Human Body is……

Water + Flow + Magnets +  Metal + Accelerated Healing 


HYDRO ELECTRICITY   =    SUPER-POWER  … that’s simple math!

You are POWERFUL!!!!

          So the next time you feel depressed, STOP.  If someone educated you from day one as to how much raw, untapped Energy you possess within your human brain and body ~ you’d never feel helpless again.  So hold onto your hat, you’re about to take a badly needed positiveenergy POWER TRIP.

The Human Brains POTENTial...Unlocked 7

          In my book “The Human Brain’s POTENTial…. Unlocked”(coming soon) I introduce exactly how amazing the abilities of your human brain truly are.  To do this I must reveal a number of medical secret:  tricks, tips and secrets doctors are taught in medical school keeping us unhealthy, and weak.

Secret #1Don’t ever tell a Patient the truth about the Placebo Effect — call it something vague and misleading like “psychosomatic”

            YOUR BRAIN IS POWERFUL….and the Placebo Effect proves it.   

The Amazing Power of a Placebo = The Amazing Power of the Human Mind!

The Amazing Power of a Placebo = The Amazing Power of the Human Mind!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this type of Pharmaceutical Testing.  Two or more groups of subjects are given both fake and real drugs.  The ‘fake’ drug is called a Placebo.  A harmless liquid, pill, cream, or procedure that patients are told is real.  In order for any new pharmaceutical to be introduced to the market it must help more people than the Placebo.  The freaky part….the Placebo almost always heals better than the actual drug! 

In this video, you’ll see some amazing info about the Placebo Effect.  Please watch it to understand just how powerful your human ‘free will’ is!

          Since at least the 1700’s Placebos have successfully treated patients for all kinds of disease.  Despite its success, Science has persisted in summing it up as “a figment of an over-active imagination.”  Saying this exempted Doctors from accepting or acknowledging the truth:  our mind is far more powerful than any drug the medical world has to offer

          The Placebo has been found to be more effective than Opiates, Chemotherapy, Anti-Depressants — all pharmaceuticals….even surgery.  In some clinical trials, the Placebo would achieve 90% improvement in health, with the Pharmaceutical it was tested against receiving only 10%.   

Sometimes a Placebo would not only improve a patient’s health during a clinical trial… It improved it for years.  

          This isn’t a matter of how ‘effective’ a Placebo is, it proves:

Our mind has more power than we’ve ever dreamed possible!

          Can you understand why the medical world would want to keep the results of Placebo testing hush-hush?  It makes Western Medicine look like a scam, while simultaneously giving you back some of the power.   mind-power-3You may be asking “if our brain’s are so powerful, what’s the problem!  Why am I not a Superman/woman?”  One reason:  the food, air, and water we’re exposed to is stopping us from being super-human.   This is why it’s vitally important to drink plenty of clean water.  Water flushes your system out of toxins.  If you’re not a big water drinker, the chemicals in your food and environment will bioaccumulate.  They’ll keep building and building inside you until they reach a lethal level.  Then it’s just a matter of time before brain damage sets in.  You don’t need to be retarded to have brain damage; a lowered I.Q.(80-120 score), poor common sense, and low or no self-control are good indicators of a brain damaged by toxins.  One way to curb a toxin’s effect on you:  keep your brain and body flushed and irrigated by drinking plenty of clean water.

It’s also imperative to eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables; produce from Walmart is loaded with chemicals that will poison your brain.  If your brain isn’t healthy, it can’t activate your immune system, consume knowledge, or thrive.   Any super abilities you have will be triggered by your brain.  Eating right and drinking clean water are the first steps to getting your brain’s Power back!  Knowing how and what your body is made of is the second secret….

Secret #2:  Never tell a patient the truth about Calcium!

          Another secret to tapping into amazing human ability is the truth about Calcium.  You must first learn what it is, then learn how to control the havoc it can wreak inside you.

          Most people don’t know that Calcium is a mineral, and all minerals are METAL.  Your body is made up mostly of water, then it’s calcium!

Raw Calcium

Raw Calcium

          Because Calcium is a metal, it can lodge in places you don’t want it to clogging your organic energy.  If you don’t ingest enough Magnesium (the carrot to your Calcium mule) most of the Calcium in your body will build up (Calcification), and cause serious harm.   Without knowing this, you’ll unwittingly damage your brain, clogging it with foods you’ve been told are good for you — like toxic Calcium.  This is where your I.Q. and brain function will take the hit.  You’ll never tap into your brain’s true POTENTial if it’s wiring is always jammed up with metal.  What happens to your shower head when it gets clogged with minerals is the same thing happening to your brain’s energy if it gets clogged with Calcium.

clogged show head 1

          There are more than 60 different types of Calcium and most of them are bad.  Some examples of toxic Calcium are:  Acetate, Carbonate, Chloride, Chromate, Fluoride, and Nitrite.  The only good types are Calcium Bi-Carbonates.  These are  the water soluble types our bodies can easily digest and absorb; and absorption is key.  

          Calcium Carbonate is the unhealthy toxic type, and is often given in pill form to the elderly as “supplements.”  If you are taking this unhealthy calcium, stop.  Your body can only absorb 2% of it no matter how much you ingest.  That’s why Doctors pass it out in such high doses.  Most Doctors never pass any courses in nutrition to get their medical license.  If they were required to they’d know:  only Calcium Bicarbonates are anatomically absorbable.  

          Other than being the main ingredient of your bones, Calcium’s second job is to bind toxins in your body.  Bad Calcium in high doses can’t be expelled without high levels of Magnesium.  Then Calcium’s binding will build up creating “plaque” — what doctor’s call Calcification.  So giving you excess amounts of Calcium Carbonate in pill form is only giving you more plaque!  


          You can get plenty of healthy calcium through fresh fruits and vegetables, no need to supplement yourself with unhealthy carbons.   

          Once unhealthy calcium gets into the right areas of your brain, a windfall of events will take place.  Then ‘bad health’ is just a matter of what a Doctor decides to “diagnose” you with:  migraines, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Autism, BiPolar and Multiple Sclerosis are some of these diagnoses.  Because doctors aren’t properly educated in nutrition, they have no idea that they’re prescribing the very thing that’s causing most of our health problems!  The Government and dairy industry is doing the same thing…in a sense.

          Some interesting stats unfolded when I began researching toxic Calcium like….

Did you know within 3 years of the “got milk?” campaign in 1993 Autism rates skyrocketed?  Parkinson’s, Senility, ADD, ADHD — many other brain disorders have climbed to astronomical rates since then and have made the pharmaceutical companies very rich.  These diseases have catapulted to record proportions since high Calcium intake has been the norm,  and our children and aging parents are taking the hit.  Arthritis, Autism, Fibromyalgia, “mental illness,” Heart Disease, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis, more.  No matter how many wars on health we fight the rates of disease keep going up. Excessive Calcium intake is one of the reasons why.  

          Calcium is bad unless you add Magnesium and Bicarbonate(baking soda) to your diet.  Your pancreas is supposed to be produce baking soda, but it’s so busy trying to keep all our toxic sugar levels down with insulin it doesn’t have the energy left to produce it.  Just a little Magnesium BiCarbonate will flush everything out of you over time.  Little by little you’ll start to feel young again; you’ll heal your heart, muscles, tissues, organs, nerves, and especially your brain–the control center of your healing.  Your immune system starts with your brain commanding it to do so; if both are gunked up with toxic Calcium, they can’t to their jobs properly….ever.  Making sure you’re ingesting the right types of Calcium and Magnesium will save your sanity, your body, your I.Q. and your life!  

          Because one of Calcium’s main jobs is to bind toxins within your body, it can easily build up to unhealthy levels aka Calcification.  Unhealthy Calcium can get lodged in your nerves causing them to misfire.  Your brain and nervous system function off of organic electrical energy; metal either conducts or inhibits this electrical flow of power — your Power.  If your brain’s neurons are jammed up with toxic metal, it won’t fire properly. Then your brain’s Energy will become “depressed” and you will suffer from Depression.   The flip-side of the Calcium coin:  it’s a fantastic conductor of electricity.  So if your neurons have mild calcification they’ll fire too often, and you can become manic.  If your brain’s energy is depressed, you’ll run to your coffee maker for a quick-fix surging synapses with unnatural firing.  If you’re manic or anxious, you’ll run to your Doctor for answers, like the ones you’ll find in a pharmaceutical bottle.  The answers to your problems aren’t pills or over-the-counter drugs like Caffeine, it’s Magnesium Bicarbonate.  Below is a link to an interesting article on the miracle of Magnesium Bicarbonate water…

Unique Water in Australia

Unique Water in Australia

          Secret #3:  Never EVER tell a patient the truth about Fluoride…

Or the Power of their Pineal Gland! 

          Fluoride aka Calcium Fluorite aka Fluorspar — is not only a neurotoxin, it was one of the main ingredients in the atomic bomb.  Even small amounts of this toxin will head straight for your Pineal Gland poisoning it!  The reasons this is so dangerous ~ because your Pineal Gland is a main source of your Serotonin, Melatonin, and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).   Human Brain Pineal GlandIf you ingest a lot of Fluoride whether through toothpaste, ‘potable’ water, or your dentist,  Calcium will rush in to do it’s job and bind the toxin.  Both together lock down your Pineal Gland causing it to malfunction.  Without enough Serotonin you cannot be ‘happy.’  Depriving your body of DMT will deprive it of it’s ‘natural high’ — the very chemical that makes you feel dizzy, giddy and young.  Melatonin is the chemical that calms you, helps you to sleep, and according to studies published on the National Institute of Health’s website ~ accelerates healing.  Below are links to articles proving “Melatonin or L-tryptophan accelerates healing…”

          When Calcium builds up in different parts of our brain and body Doctors call it many things like:

1.  Arthritis—>Hardened or Calcified Yeast (Calcification) in your joints–

2.  Senility/Parkinson’s/Autism/ADHD/etc—>Calcified Yeast (Calcification) in your brain.

"Amyloid Deposits" are Caused by "Calcium Dysregulation" --

“Amyloid Deposits” are Caused by “Calcium Dysregulation” — “with dysregulation of Ca2+ ions playing a crucial role because of their strong trans-membrane concentration gradient and involvement in cell dysfunction and death.” —

3.  Hardening of the Arteries—>or Atherosclerosis — Calcified Yeast (Calcification)  in your arteries.  4.  Fibromyalgia—>Calcified Yeast (Calcification) in your muscles, brain, eyes, jaw or wherever else Doctors decide to declare it “fibromyalgia” 

  5.  “Plaque” on your teeth is Calcified Yeast as well.

Tartar aka Calcified Tartaric Acid aka CALCIFIED YEAST

         Yeast is mostly Tartaric Acid.  You’ll find it in Baking Powder (baking soda with tartaric acid) and it’s what makes bread rise and swell — because the acid is burning the grain.  Your body producing excesses of Tartaric acid will cause your skin, muscles, gums, tissues and brain to burn as well if not neutralized!

          Your body creates Tartaric acid to fight off “infection.”  The problem?  Calcium doesn’t care.  It goes in to bind any invaders (germs/bacteria/parasites/excess yeast) whether they’re foreign or domestic.  This is why the “plaque” build-up on your teeth is called Tartar — it’s a nick-name for calcified Tartaric Acid (yeast).  Without enough Magnesium you can’t flush any of these toxins out; and Calcium will attack, bind, and harden causing plaque all over your body!  In your arteries, muscles, brain, nerves….everywhere.

 Now for the good news ~ This is NOT a lost cause and


There are many cures, ancient cures, to relieve what ails you:  Organics, Magnesium, drinking plenty of clean Reverse Osmosis water, hydrogen peroxide therapy, baking soda, vitamin C therapy, and exercise.  Below are some fantastic links on all of the above cures.  There’s also a link included about why toxic Calcium (supplements) should be avoided.

          Please remember when reading about drinking clean, Reverse Osmosis Water — the FDA and other government entities will try to scare you out of consuming it because it removes ALL metals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.  One trip to your local health food store or eating organic foods with these minerals in them will restore your natural ‘balance.’  That way you control the content of your water — not the federal government.   

          Even with all of the above information, the most powerful tool you have to fight off infection is you!

successful-business-woman 400

You being “on your game,” happy, healthy or energetic has nothing to do with genetics or good breeding.  Maintaining a healthy diet, proper mineral and vitamin intake, alternative therapies and exercise will all help keep your synapses clean and make it easier to be happy and healthy ~ but that’s not the end of the story by any means.  Remember the Power of the Placebo?  Well it’s got nothing over the ‘whole’ of YOU!  Here’s where things get really interesting….

          Between every cell, molecule, atom and strand of DNA in your human body is ENERGY….lots of it!  Some people call this God, others say it’s the Universe, Science calls it Energy, but what it really is…is your Soul’s raw, organic POWER.  

          When you were born, you’re human body fused with your spirit — this activated your Pineal Gland to allow your mind, your body, and your soul to become one.  Your blood flowing around Calcium creates your human magnetism; and your soul’s eternal Energy holds it all together.  When your body ‘passes on,’ your soul moves on as well.  But here on earth, your soul’s raw ethereal power fuels your body’s cells ~ magnetizing them!  Therefore…. 



            This is not a debate, it’s true — we are all 100% pulsing, cycling Energy. The chair you’re sitting in, the dog you take for walks every day, the house you live in — even your mouse and keyboard are all varying forms of Energy.  But human Energy is far more powerful.  How? 

            In 1989, Pons and Fleischmann discovered how to pull massive amounts of Power from a single glass of tap water — enough to heat your home for weeks.  This power was nick-named “Cold Fusion.”   At first, modern science scoffed at the idea; they ridiculed and degraded it’s inventors right out of the field!  But in January of 2012, NASA finally admitted Cold Fusion not only works, it’s a reliable source of renewable Energy.   Current Science is just now catching up to their experiments because they’ve been using their ‘Logic’ rather than Truth to sort things out.  It’s wonderful to see they’re finally catching up.  So what does Cold Fusion mean to you?


            About 90% of your human body is H2O.  Water is constantly flowing inside you; through your veins, into your tissues, organs and brain.  Extracting all your water would result in you being a pile of (carbon) dust.  This is why it’s so important….DON’T ever take water for granted.  Most of us never stop to think about water’s components:  H2O ~ 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen.  Because your human body is 90% water that means YOU are almost 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen.  It’s been known for thousands of years that Oxygen is incredibly healing, but what about Hydrogen?  The Sun’s main ingredient is Hydrogen which makes YOU 2 parts SUN….and you can’t get more Powerful than that in our 3 dimensions.  Then there’s your mind….

          How much Energy does your mind have to tap into?  Have you heard of the Hoover Dam?

          It’s massive and produces 2,080 megawatts of Power.  The dammed up force of water falls rapidly, moving turbines that spin magnets past coils of copper wire.  The act of spinning the magnets past metal creates Electricity.  So the simple math here would be:

Water + Flow + Metal + Magnets = POWER

            In comes your Pineal’s Magnetic and sits dead-center of your brain. 

So the simple math here is:

(Human Body)H2O + (Blood) Flow +

(Minerals)Metal + Magnetic Pineal Gland =

Hydro-Electric Energy

So the next time you dare lose faith in yourself, remember:


            You are a pure, organic Force of Nature with PLENTY of Hydro-Electricity to tap into for anything–especially genius.  Simply because you’ve been trained to believe that you are menial, simple, or POWERLESS…..doesn’t make it true.  You have within you the power to heal, conquer and reign supreme.  Knowing all of this, now if you take the steps to clean out your brain and body it’ll be easy to discover exactly how far you can take your human brain’s Power ~ and POTENTial!human body energy yellow

 ~ YOU ARE ENERGY…lots of it ~

            So if Cold Fusion can pull enough Power from a single glass of Tap Water to heat your home for weeks, how much Energy do you have in your entire body (of Water) to tap into?  What Powers can you extract from that Hydro-Electric Energy source you simply call a “brain?”  It’s entirely your decision

            You’re the creator of your own Placebo Effect, your own health — your own Existence ~ don’t ever forget that.  Do you want to be healthy?  All you have to do is believe it’s true ~ Placebo yourself to good health…and it will happen!  Because your body functions off pure organic electrical energy, in our 3 dimensions all electrical energy is Magnetic Energy!  Einstein knew this and is quoted as saying “Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions–”  And if anyone knew a thing or two about electrical energy, it was him.  YOU create your own Destiny, if you will it!  You have all the necessary components within your human mind to draw everything you want directly to you.  Remember the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’?  Somewhere along the line that was turned into an adage to make us fear wanting nice things…. because with them may come ‘bad’ things.  Just like the ‘armageddon’ rumor, do not believe it.  The true reason “free will” is so Powerful isn’t because we’re ‘free’ to make decisions; it’s because every thought you have, every organic electrical spark your synapses create is a MAGNET.  And you free will allows you to draw in anything you choose….so choose your thoughts with wisely, and with passion…and the universe will answer you with everything you desire!

universe edit            Don’t follow someone else’s perceptions of what they think you should be — follow the patterns of what you passionately know you will be.    Never follow the desires or expectations of others ~ create your the patterns of success by always following your own heart’s desire.  You can create your history and destiny simply by focusing all your mind’s organic Energy on it…with every electrical fiber of your being!  You have that power because You were created with….

~ The Energy & Light of God ~

(written) copyright CGifford/EFHerne2012


“The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect”

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know:  The Placebo Effect

The Placebo from Wikipedia–which they’ve changed this article completely since I’ve published mine–someone has altered ALL info regarding the actual History of the Placebo, the trials from the 1700’s have been eliminated, and the fact that the Placebo BEAT almost all Pharmaceuticals hands down is gone….but I’ve kept it listed so you can experience censorship at it’s finest   😉

“Calcium Facts Chemical & Physical Properties of Calcium”

Calcium from Wikpedia:

Where to find Calcium Bicarbonate–Remember Don’t Eat INORGANIC Meats EVER!

Links Toxoplasma Gondii(Parasite) aka Toxoplasmosis CAUSING SCHIZOPHRENIA/BI-POLAR Disorders & HERPES from the National Institute of Health:

Interesting Blog:  “~ PROZAC: Not Meant to CURE DEPRESSION!!! It’s another DUMB-DOWN SUBSTANCE! ~”

“Fluoride Toxicity” from Wikipedia w/Prozac & other drug info:

“Prozac” (Fluoxetine Hydrochloride)” From the Fluoride Action Network:

“What is Dirty Electricty?” Valuable info from The Dirty Electricity Website:

“11 Ways to Protect Yourself from Dirty Electricity — Exposure to electromagnetic fields from cell phones and other appliances may hurt your health.  Here are easy ways to minimize the damage.”

Proof when Autism rates began to climb:

More Proof When Autism began to climb from Wikipedia–look under “Epidemiology” for chart:

Proof when the Got Milk? Campaign began:

Proof when the Government got involved to fund the “Got Milk?” campaign:

Proof of what feeding cows corn (Grain Overload) really does:

Proof of the Pineal Gland’s importance and how it excretes hormones to accelerate healing:

More Proof Melatonin accelerates healing related to Pancreas:

Calcification Dangers Causing serious Disease: %2Fwomenheartdisease.htm&ei=oEsNUI_sFYS68ASIt5jkCg&usg=AFQjCNHNZp2h5qyWOn9ROPwJot8FUOo_bA&sig2=-SxfLmAiSv0V4FSDTv0Aow %2FNBK1421%2F&ei=oEsNUI_sFYS68ASIt5jkCg&usg=AFQjCNGI-_YjJSPkQ01ynWCRDLY9ky0Hew&sig2=0vJKQ3Cu1ACHuQv5XbHDwA

“Magnesium and Calcification” — How to EASILY Stay Healthy:

Fountain of Youth Water FOUND:

Information about your Pineal Gland and how it’s Magnetic:

“Pineal gland “magnetosensitivity” to static magnetic fields is a consequence of induced electric currents”–from PubMed

“Pineal sensitivity to pulsed static magnetic fields changes during the photoperiod”–PROOF that ANY elecromagnetic field affects production of MELATONIN–Our healing chemical!

“Brain-applied magnetic fields and immune response: role of the pineal gland”–NIH Article — the RIGHT magnetic fields HEAL, the WRONG promote SICKNESS:

How Parasites & Calcium can attack your Pineal Gland — Our Healing Sources(see #25, #30 & #31):


About EFHerne

EFHerne graduated with Honors from The New England Institute of Art(formerly Northeast College of Communications/Northeast Broadcasting)--and has worked with numerous cable television stations producing talk shows, music videos, variety programming and commercials. EFHerne has also had the honor of working with NASA & The Astronaut Program. (Astronaut Charlie Precourt) Fifteen years ago EFHerne's son was diagnosed with Autism. He was doing well, until 3 years ago when for no apparent reason--his symptoms accelerated. In the struggle to find more treatments for him, EFHerne's health began to plummet. This spurned a 'race for the cure'--for both of them. Specialized study in Neurology, Autism, Holistics, Ancient Cures, Bio-Agriculture & Organics--began. After following all the Protocols in EFHerne's book "The Human Brain's POTENTial....Unlocked"-- they are both almost completely healed from their former diagnoses. Her son is now "creating" -- something Doctors and Autism claimed he would never do. Also an Artisan, EFHerne's artwork is on display at The Artisan's Atelier in Punta Gorda, FL. With the cures and knowledge gained, she is mentoring & motivating people privately and online--giving lectures and providing motivational workshops in Holistic Healing, Neurology(for not-so-smarties), and Organics.
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